‘Ready. Steady. Go!’

Minimal intervention to rebuild the identity of the Jakomini district.

“ ‘Ready. Steady. Go!’ is an installation by Austrian architects Sandra Janser and Elisabeth Koller which is meant to provide a visual frame within the Jakomini district of Graz, Austria. The intention of the project is to define the streets of Jakoministraße and Klosterwiesgasse, by marking them as a significant design area within the city.

The entrance to the Jakomini district is clearly recognized by its north and south street endings. ‘Ready. Steady. Go!’ revamps these streets, leaving them with a fresh inviting look for visitors to explore in the form of a running track. The vibrant red installation with dividing track lines in gray, attracts attention to the changes in the quarter and is meant to make people stop and absorb the newly created atmosphere. In total it measures 750 meters or 4600 square meters along the streets and pavement around the block.  The project was a result of a competition in which people were asked to re-envision the Jakonomi district.

‘Ready. Steady. Go!’ was presented during the course of Design Month Graz 2010.” Source: designboom (all images by  ©ochoresotto)

(via designboom)