Recharging Station for the Xkuty One Electric Bike


‘One year after Electric Mobility Company (EMC) unveiled the Xkuty One electric bike in Spain, the company has now developed a solar-powered recharging station for the bike. The Spark recharging station doubles as a parking unit and it adapts to almost any environment – it can be easily integrated into houses, buildings and shared spaces.

Not only is the Spark parking unit powered by nothing but the sun, but it allows Xkuty One users to recharge their bikes without having to remove the battery. EMC says that there will be two models available: one without an energy storage facility, which is ideal for recharging during daylight hours, and another equipped with a lithium battery for energy storage that is best for recharging overnight.
“The project has always been based on such values as technology, design, efficiency, sustainability, clean energy and respect for the environment. Spark reinforces each one of these tenets and is the next logical stage in the development of the Xkuty concept,” said Carlos Felipe, the CEO of Xkuty.’