Recycled Pallets Pavilion / Avatar Architettura


‘Avatar Architettura is a multidisciplinary Italian office architecture and industrial design founded in 2001 by Nicola Santini and Pier Paolo Taddei. Their recycled pallets Pavilion is a temporary structure that acts as a versatile space for art. Can accommodate different types of events and offers a wide variety of forms of production. ‘


‘The research office is aimed towards identifying design strategies that prioritize the ecology, flexible systems, biodiversity and recycled materials in the urban context. ‘


‘The pavilion is located in one of the gardens of the Villa Romana, the German Institute of Culture in Florence, Italy. The collapsible structure 100 square meters is composed of prefabricated pallets forming a wooden structure with joints. The process of assembly takes four days. ‘


(Vía PlataformaArquitectura)