Tyres school in Palestine.

“ The tyres school is an emergency project, which came out from the local inhabitants choice of building a school on their own for their children right in their village. Vento di Terra answers to this choice and calls ARCò as the design team.

The starting points were difficult: desert climate; absolute prohibition of using concrete and foundation, because of the legal impossibility of building permanent strictures in area C territories; need for a fast and easy building technique; minimum budget an not professional workers.

ARCò answers to this situation by designing a school made by recycled tyres and mud.

Started with a very low budget, the school was done just in 2 weeks, thanks to the cooperation between Italians and Bedouins. Later on the school has received new donors funds, which made possible to complete the building with pavements, internal plastering and photovoltaic plant to give electricity to the classrooms.”

(via ecococos)