Shipping containers market in Toronto


Shipping containers recycled into entrepreneurs’ stalls of a street market in Toronto.

LGA Architectural Partners has developed a project to revitalize an empty urban area in Toronto. Reusing shipping containers, this street market occupies an underused strip of land adjacent to a sidewalk. One of the aims of this infrastructure is to serve an area in which 60 percent of the population are immigrant. The second aim is to provide entrepreneurs with a space to develop their economic activity. The vibrant social environment of this street market is made up of people from everywhere (Japan, India, etc.) who offer several types of products and services (“bespoke cheese marker, a bicycle repair shop, a manicure bar and fashion and jewelry boutiques”).

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Regarding the benefits, this inclusive project helps to integrate different cultures and ideas in one single urban space. Also, it helps the economic growth of the city by providing its inhabitants who want to set up a business with stalls for 10$ per day: “Start-up businesses that could not afford most downtown rents can lease Market 707 space from the community centre for $10 per day. Some of the original vendors have been able to move on up into bricks-and-mortar locations after opening their businesses within the corrugated steel walls of a repurposed shipping container.”

The group LGA Architectural Partners has tested previously this type of initiatives before and a good example of this is another street market project in Ghana.


(via Uneven Growth-MOMA)

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Mobile Good Food Market bus launch

Mobile Good Food Market bus launch
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