Social Plug-in Garin: sustainable initiatives for social integration

“Manos Sustentables is an initiative of social inclusion, promoted by a group of people who aspire to advance the development of projects in the framework of the most vulnerable social sectors. By courses, volunteering and collective actions, seeks to satisfy basic needs, deepening concepts of sustainability, renewable resources and sustainable architecture. “
Its activities of social integration in the Latin American sphere passes through a strategy of design elements, structures or artifacts that will meet the basic needs of the most disadvantaged citizens. Their construction means are those obtained from the reuse and recycling of materials.
With Social Plug-In “Garin” have gotten the device meets its objectives of social improvement, and are being promoted today multiple workshops to disseminate this community improvement.
A human project realized in collaboration with other organizations working for social inclusion and sustainability as Práctica Sustentable, intile&rogers and Fundación Energizar, and several companies that provide financial support.

“Since 2011 we have been working with a Roof in Garin, where 103 emergency houses were built, and because of the need for hot water for sanitary use, started in 2013 with the Fundación Energizar the construction of solar collectors with reused materials.

The goal today is to meet the basic needs not covered by emergency houses. Electricity, access to water, sanitary hot water and gas “