SPANISH DREAM by Cadelasverdes


“Spanish Dream is an architectural and photographic art project by the collective Cadelasverdes. The three architects that make up this group offer a critique of the architectural world during the economical crisis, in a country that has based much of its growth and development on the real estate industry.

Spanish Dream alludes to the American Dream as a symbol of our people’s desire, or ultimate objective:: to be a homeowner. But that dream is broken, and the result is a landscape full of premature architectural ruins, unfinished abandoned buildings that never saw the beginning of their lives, because of the collapse of so many construction companies.

The scene’s depicted in the project are the ruins of the crisis. Cadelasverdes show domestic scenes, with common citizens doing daily routine activities, with normal furniture (the habitual atrezzo of any spanish home), but with those unfinished houses as the backdrop.

 Through these pictures, we want to provoke a reflection and urge the spectator to reconsider the dream of a society that, driven by the desire to become homeowners, forgot the true meaning of living.” (source: Metalocus//Photographies Ana Amado)


(via Metalocus)