Special Facility: recycled meeting point by Basurama


“Basurama is a group that performs art and design projects for social change through participatory and playful strategies. The main actors of his projects is waste and the process involved in its production in the consumer society.

The Cultural Tack 2014 in São Paulo, the group made ​​an intervention, named Extraordinary Facility, consisting of a field with coils of recycled wood and strings, creating a playground in Patriarch Square. A giant net climb, to jump and lie only for children 0-99 years.

[…] Trash does not exist, and debris can transform urban spaces creating optimal conditions the meeting and interaction of citizens. […] The Extraordinary Facility coils have won a second life as a temporary toy at the turn and will soon have a new life as a fixed field of play in any other city park. And so, we keep playing.”


(via plataformaarquitectura.cl)