Tapio Snellman: un artista interesado en la ciudad

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Tapio Snellman: an artist, architect, and filmaker interested in the urban experience and the effects of globalization.
Having collaborated with many architects (Zaha Hadid, Steven Holl or Rem Koolhaas, amongst others) and taking part in countless exhibitions (such as Uneven Growth, MOMA), this artist has developed several projects that focus on the social effects of the contemporary urban spaces.

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One of his most recent projects takes place in the Philippines and seeks for transforming a wall along a road into a great, artistic mural. What are the benefit of such an intervention? First of all, the project aims to transform the landscape that the drivers see when they pass by this wall. Secondly, it clears the path for other social groups that believe in their right to intervene collectively in the public scene.

Another of his projects seeks for showing the urban experience in the surrounding of the Howrah Bridge, an infrastructure that “carries 1.5 million pedestrians and 1 million vehicles a day and creates an unusual sound scape resonating from the Hooghly river below”.

In this line, he also carried out a film showing the changes of the urban environments as part of the Global Cities exhibition, in the TATE Modern. “Consisting of 3D urban environments, both real and imaginary, the film is underlined by a dark spatial soundscape which resonates in the industrial space.”


(via Tapio Snellman)

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