TED Talks: “Your cloudmachines”. Creating atmospheres and trapping clouds with Rafael Beneytez

Rafael Beneytez stresses the importance of atmospheres in architecture. Thus began to put emphasis eternal architectural discussion between gravity and lightness ‘materializing’ clouds in different contexts.


Up to try to trap the clouds by atmospheric water collectors in textile surfaces on tensegrity structures to solve water problems. Farms clouds, scattered over the territory and different sizes, they would get 375 liters per day by study simulated in northern Chile. This would avoid problems transporting water and allow to develop new agricultural projects in areas with drought problems.


“Rafael Beneytez, is an architect and gardener of atmospheres since he began to suspect in 2006 that are air and weather the two great themes of architecture. Practice the exercise of the profession as close as possible to the atmospheric problems as either a weather air or meteorology cultural patterns. In its most radical extreme has built Gin & Tonic Clouds, Storm Clouds desktop or Historical Clouds. He projects gardens and farms clouds, or design room to breathe. Drive in Madrid Office Z4Z4 AAA Clouds.”

(via edgargonzalez)