Territorial wounds post-crisis by Nación Rotonda


After the crash of the housing bubble multiple visions have emerged criticizing the lack of planning, logic and restraint of urban developments arising before the crisis that it has generated. In this line, in which we find and disseminate the actions of SpanishDream or Building Spain among others, Nación Rotonda fits the initiative of a group of engineers and architects have focused on locating these developments and display them using a simple tool: the comparison aerial imagery.

The results have been remarkable, with multiple national broadcast media because of the simplicity of its format and the complexity and the conflict that shows. In simple comparison mentioned earlier shown how artificial paths are implemented as a stamp in agricultural production structures, and how these, in many cases, have been left unused even being degraded after a while.



El nombre de la iniciativa se denomina Nación Rotonda debido a la repetitividad del elemento rotonda en estos nuevos desarrollos, donde las cualidades y valores del territorio son ocultados por nuevos trazados y menospreciados, para jerarquizarse por plazas circulares sin acceso peatonal mas cuidadas que los espacios públicos.

The peculiarity of the project is public participation because every citizen may bring new open wounds on each known territories. Thus, the catalog Nación Rotonda continues to grow to the point that they have opened a crowdfunding campaign to finance the publication of a book compiling its contents and conclusions.


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