Tesla powerwall battery, housing and energy management


“Tesla has revolutionized the world of energy. The presentation on Friday batteries Tesla Powerwall has been in the spotlight (if it ever was not) energy savings and find solutions that lower the invoice of the light of homes. ”

In a presentation with a lot of expectation, Elon Musk presented the latest innovation in energy storage. And this has had a great importance because energy storage is one of the processes in which new technologies lose the game with large production plants.



The temporality of the capture of solar energy by photovoltaic panel, common in residential development and small industries, is a major constraint for consumption and makes it essential the use of energy from large power plants. Powerwall Tesla battery, without removing this relationship of dependency by the volume matters, is positioned as an essential tool making possible the energy control to plan the uptake of energy, either through photovoltaic panel or from the conventional network, and the use of these energies by price or need.

With a marketing strategy and a design very well kept around a product that can be key to our future dwelling, it is a mystery what will be the acceptance by society and its adaptability to current regulations.

(via elmundo.es)