The Beauty of Recycling by Daniel Elmore


“The “Beauty of Recycling” seeks to enforce the importance of recycling by creating solar energy collectors that not only harvest the sun’s energy, but creates a spectacular light show during the twilight hours. These solar energy collectors, composed largely of recycled materials, collect energy throughout the day, reserving small amounts of energy for a daily “Twilight Show”.  The rest of the energy is distributed to local power grids. Spheres made of recycled plastic float on the surface of the water, tethered to the riverbed by anchored pulleys controlling their various heights and levels of submersion. These solar-energy-collecting spheres will go through a daily cycle of collecting energy from dawn to dusk. When the sun begins to set, the devices are submerged underwater and multi-colored LED lights within the devices’ plastic spheres begin to glow, creating a spectacular lightshow for park visitors that compliments the natural beauty of the setting sun.”

“The opening, October 25th, of the show in Soho from the LAGI (Land Art Generator Initiative) which features “The Beauty of Recycling”. Project by Daniel Elmore. This is our second work selected from those presented at the LAGI fair. LAGI’s mission is focused on inviting designers to develop visions for the implementation of renewable energies (solar panels, wind turbines,etc) to become a form of Land Art.” (source: metalocus)


(via Metalocus)