The Better Block Project

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The Better Block project is a website that informs us about the environmentally friendly transformation of cities in North America. The proposal focuses its attention in the social initiatives that help communities to understand the importance of public transport and urban sustainability.

The website gathers a series of documents – such as lectures, news, articles, experiences, and so on – that let us know the power of social action in both United States and Canada. Thus, it is also an example that provides other communities with tools for transforming their urban areas. This project started in April, 2010, in Dallas. From then on, they have also created a map that shows all their interventions in the public scene.

Better Block more than green

The Better Block project is one of the many social initiatives that can be classified as Tactical Urbanism; that is to say, the type of urban interventions that are not proposed by governments, but by the very inhabitants of the cities.

Among all the projects that this group has carried out, we can find the implementation of the following facilities within the urban scene: “bike lanes, cafe seating, trees, plants, pop-up businesses, and lighting”.

As they say: “The Better Block project started in April, 2010, when a group of community organizers, neighbors, and property owners gathered together to revitalize a single commercial block in an underused neighborhood corridor. The area was filled with vacant properties, wide streets, and few amenities for people who lived within walking distance. (…) The project was developed to show the city how the block could be revived and improve area safety, health, and economics if ordinances that restricted small business and multi-modal infrastructure were removed. Since that time, Better Block projects have been developed throughout the World with many of the temporary infrastructure improvements and businesses made permanent.”


(via Better Block project)

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