The garden of forking paths | beals & lyon architects


“With the labyrinth as a medium, the project creates a narrative of situations of discovery and surprise, exploring the possibilities of public space by introducing a series of new atmospheres and ambiences. To achieve this, we use a vegetal mass that creates a blurry or low-resolution environment, promoting perception through all the senses. This cornfield is explored through a system of timber paths built with recycled scaffolding planks. The whole structure is painted yellow, distinguishing it from the predominantly green landscape. Its geometric layout is borrowed from the labyrinth in the gardens of Versailles, which we have deformed and adapted to include a series of spaces in the form of rooms or “follies,” openings in the path, spaces for unexpected and unforeseen situations and events. The trail begins and ends in a larger, yardlike space, a meeting place from which slight views give clues as to the happenings within the interior.” (text and images source: