Truck Art Project, spreading urban art in an accessible and innovative way

Truck Art Project is an original cultural project that tries to promote and spread urban and contemporary art anywhere in an innovative and very accessible way: using trucks as large canvases on wheelsThe goal is to create an ‘artistic epidemic’ with 100 trucks traveling and stopping in large cities, medium-sized towns, lost villages, service stations and any unexpected place with a limited cultural offer.

“Truck Art Project is an original project of artistic patronage driven by the businessman and collector Jaime Colsa intended to compose a particular collection of Spanish contemporary art, without any owner, where the huge work stands are the trucks that collaborate with their company.

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The initiative thus becomes a living showcase of the latest trends of painting, drawing and urban art in our country (although the ambitious program intends to show itself even more multidisciplinary involving other techniques such as photography, music or film), away from the white cube and destined to a receiver who is not usual in contemporary art in contexts that either are favorable.

The result is a collection of moving art that challenges the artist to deal with scales and budgets that probably had not attended before, and that transforms us into a fleeting and involuntary viewers of the artwork.”

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