UFO: Unexpected fountain occupation by EXYZT.

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Rehabilitation of an old fountain in Warsaw.

Today we present this wonderful idea for those wanting to activate the old and obsolete fountains in your neighborhoods. EXYZT, a French group focussed on urban interventions, developed in Summer 2011 an initiative aimed to rehabilitate a park in Warsaw city. They built a structure (that looked like a spaceship) that hosted events, concerts, and social meetings.

The creativity and beauty of this low-cost structure can be only compared to its effectiveness when creating city life. Not only did it improve the appearance of this plaza; it also encouraged people to meet there and enjoy in a vibrant urban scene.

EXYZT explained: “We arrived on site on the 13th of june to prepare the site, look after the scaffolding skeleton being built and set our base camp … the chopping saw table, the kitchen and our table. The basic utilities were not yet set, but we met the owner of the shops that were trading in the underpass that give access to that round about sort of public space. He sorted us out by giving access to water, power, storage and toilet … therefore we could almost start to camp straight away.”


(via EXYZT)

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