Wind and Water Bar. Natural cooling in natural environments


This particular bar is solved from a landscape perspective and another energetic. In a natural environment as carefully as you can see, the architect addresses the basic construction using indigenous material: bamboo.

The determined geometry, however, responds to energy conditions: in a warm climate such as Vietnamese natural response to cooling requirements is to force air convection, which in this case falls through openings placed at the base chilled by artificial lagoon created around the dome, and comes out hot through the aperture in the top of the dome.

“In the middle of a lake situated in the province of Binh Duong, Wind and Water Bar a domed structure that was designed by the studio Vo Trong Nghia Vietnamese architecture, arises.

The building uses energy from the wind and the fresh lake water to create a natural ventilation drafts: warm air, as mentioned before, escapes through the gap of 1.5 meters in diameter is in the deck. Finally, we can only repeat what the architects say about their project: “Both buildings arise from the nature. Now mix in harmony with nature. And over time, they will return to nature “.”

Natural cooling and landscape camouflage as the foundations of this bar become singular experience.