I Make Rotterdam


The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) and Rotterdam-based architecture firm ZUS have launched the project I Make Rotterdam, a spectacular temporary pedestrian bridge between the city’s Central and the North districts that will be financed through crowd-funding.

The bridge, which should be completed during the 5th International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, has to help pedestrians to get from Rotterdam’s Central Station to some of the biennial’s locations. But how long this new pedestrian bridge is going to be depends completely on the amount of money that crowd wants to spend on it.

On the project’s website everybody can contribute. Pay for instance €25 and contribute one plank to the bridge. That particular plank will have your name written on it, or any other text as you wish. When you pay more, let’s say €1,250, you can have a complete section of the bridge named after you. Isn’t that an honor?

For an optimal result €440,000 is needed. But for only €80,000 one first section of the bridge will be already built.

(via The Pop-Up City)