1305 Studio Office | Smart design of furniture to multifunctional space

“Located in Shikumen building in Jingan District, Shanghai, 1305 studio office is set to be the space with multi creative functions. The space acts not only for architecture, interior or graphic design, but also for lots of other purposes, fashion show, art exhibition, cocktail lounges, professional lectures, etc. With the interest of Shanghai Lane Culture, the architects tried to make this 300 m2 space into a harmonious combination of tradition and modern. The result turns out that it was not a bad attempt.”

They experiment skillful and subtle way with the functionalist paradigm of rationalism: the flexible space, the total space. Using different combinations of modules used as furniture, formulate various spatial joins in a large open space. Combinations that images can be confusing for the variety of results, which may suggest that they are different spaces instead of oneself.

By studying the dimensions and possibilities from combination or superposition of each item of furniture, the use of each of the elements that make the office and use it multiplies. Thus, not only host the cultural or professional program currently scheduled, but also can accommodate multiple future actions not provided without requiring new investments or spending on new material. We therefore consider the project a good example of economic sustainability by reducing space usage to a minimum and increasing its potential use.

(via archdaily.com)