A journey around Copenhagen’s bicycle innovations

This tour shows the latest bicycle innovations in Copenhagen: a wonderful new bridge (the Cycle Snake); the Green Wave, where cyclists going 20 Km/hr get the green light and might never have to stop because green LEDs are built into the road beside the bike lane; or bins inclined at a comfortable angle for cyclist to deposite trash without stopping his journey. The result of that is a 5% increase to 42% share of trips into the city and a lot fewer cars.

In words of Clarence Eckerson, Jr:

“Copenhagen just keeps finding new ways to make it easier and more convenient to bike. Recently I had the chance to take a tour with Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize and see some of the innovations that have changed the city’s streets since I was there four years ago.

First off, if you’ve seen my 2010 Streetfilm about Copenhagen’s bike infrastructure and culture, the busiest bicycle street in the world has changed: The Knippelsbro Bridge now boasts 40,700 riders per day! And speaking of bridges, Copenhagen is building six new crossings exclusively for biking and walking to help its citizens get around.

Last month another cool bridge debuted — the Cykelslangen (“Bicycle Snake”). You’ll see loads of footage as we traveled back and forth. It is truly a handsome piece of infrastructure. Even going uphill seems pretty easy!

You’ll see lots of other things that will make you happy (or angry your city isn’t doing more!), including waste baskets angled for cyclists, LED lights that indicate whether riders have to speed up to catch the green wave, and a cool treatment for cobblestone streets that helps make biking easier.”

(Vía Treehugger)