ARK NOVA | Arata Isozaki & Anish Kapoor

“Ark Nova is a concert hall for 500 people, inflatable and transportable.

The architect Arata Isozaki has created this amazing space, with the artist Anish Kapoorthat tour the regions most affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan two years ago. Its appearance is very similar to the large installation made ​​Indian artist in Paris in 2011, Leviathan, which parasitized the Grand Palais in the French capital, with great public success.

This fall, Ark Nova will host concerts Lucerne Festival in Matsushima. This architecture will bring culture to the inhabitants of these devastated regions, whose facilities have not yet been entirely rebuilt.

Due to the highly elastic plastic used for its membrane, is an easily removable inflatable structure that will travel by truck bringing music to each destination. Of course incorporates stage and sound equipment, and has a volume of approximately 30x36x18 meters.

Its name means “new ark”, refers to the vessel that Noah used during the Flood to save his family and animals, according to the Old Testament. This ephemeral architecture saves the music and culture of the terrible natural disaster that hit the country in 2011. “


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