Arup and the future of buildings in 2050

“The global engineering, Arup, launches ‘It’s Alive’ – a new report that describes how buildings in our cities could look and function in 2050. A “smart” building that will plug into “smart” urban infrastructure and cater to an increasingly dense and technology-savvy urban population.

In 2050 skyscrapers will be continuously adapting and made from materials that will do everything from filtering air to producing energy.

“By 2050, the human population will have reached 9 billion people with 75 per cent of the world’s inhabitants living in cities. We do not want to predict what the built environment may look like in almost 40 years’ time, but offers insight and inspiration for what could happen. This report explores the idea of intelligent buildings that are able to make informed and calculated decisions based on their surrounding environment – living and breathing structures that are able to support the cities and people of tomorrow.”

Josef Hargrave, Consultant at Foresight + Innovation, Arup