Brick of hexagonal cell | New geometries against noise

“A new prototype brick hexagonal cells, developed by researchers at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, has been honored and awarded with an honorable mention as one of the best in research projects in the Joint International Conference on Mechanical, Design & Engineering advanced Manufacturing, held in Toulouse, France, in June.

Research has shown that the acoustic insulation of the new type of brick, the same width as the conventional, even more than four times a traditional, whose cells are rectangles parallel to the outer side faces of the brick. Furthermore, it has been found that this modification does not entail any increase in manufacturing costs or sale.”

“…looking for the wave thrilling through the maximum distance, several possible positions and deformations of the hexagons were studied. For example, it is noted that the development of the wave path through using hexagons side parallel to the face of the brick, is maximized by rotating the hexagons 90 ° sexagesimal.”

“As a final design has been given a geometry of non-regular hexagonal cells, which is four times the distance traveled by the sound wave between faces of a partition.”

“There are national and international companies interested in the patent, so they are starting to design nozzles for extruders proceed to manufacture. The first prototypes will allow work to know their behavior and follow up with more research work to improve it.”

Interesting line of research is carried out by this group of researchers, aiming to increase the acoustic comfort from the premise of not generating additional cost materials and workmanship.