Brothers in Benches | Urban furniture with recycled pallets | Street art in Johannesburg

“Street artist r1 recently unveiled “Brothers in Benches,” his latest urban intervention that recycles reclaimed wooden pallets into six interchangeable mobile benches. Artist r1 set the installation on wheels and rolled the pop-up seating throughout the heart of Johannesburg to observe how the public interacted with the playful street furniture.

During the Absolut residency, the six artists shared an apartment in Jeppestown, Johannesburg where they exchanged ideas on how to design creative solutions to the city’s issues. “The theme of the project was for us to transform the immediate surroundings and engage with them in a creative way,” says r1.

Each wooden unit comprises three interlocking components: a central planter flanked by two benches with retractable seats; the three components can be fully collapsed to make a compact shape or expanded like an accordion to create a variety of configurations.”

This interesting proposal is attached to many other projects where the recycled pallet become generating new urban opportunities. R1 wide our environmental sustainable creative catalog.