Cycle Snake | the new bike infrastructure | Copenhagen

After eight years of waiting and citizens’ demand, the elevated bike lane links the highway and the harbour bridge. Dissing and Weitling architects have reinvent a strategy usually built for cars as a new bike space. People in Copenhagen used to have complicated options to cross the river: go up and down stairs with their bikes or take long, tricky and narrow detours shared with pedestrians.

This new infrastructure, that is 4m wide and 200m long, has two main benefits: first, it makes easier to use the bike in Copenhagen and, second, it has diminished the bike presence in the lower level. Cyclers can cross this two way lane in less than a minute while enjoying beautiful views.

Copenhagen is an example regarding social awareness in relation to public transport. The importance that the bike has in this city encourages the continuous demand for improving the cycling infrastructure.  Copenhagen’s citizens have learnt to propose new ways of connecting different places of the city with bike lanes and detect the deficiencies that this infrastructure may have.

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