Moyo Souk & Restaurant | Tsai Design Studio

“Combining architecture with agriculture, the new development ‘MOYO’ by south african firm Tsai Design Studio features a two storey restaurant and open air market. Located at the V&A waterfront on Cape Town’s historic working harbor, the site is a major tourist destination with over 23 million visitors per year. The project sought to tell a story through food and the full cycle it goes through, from preparation to plate. The theatrical display of food in all its stages informs the the overall layout; starting with produce growth, the trading of it as a commodity, the culinary experience of cooking and preparation, consumption and finally as organic waste that can be used as fertilizer, completing the cycle.”

“The market stalls consist of a cluster of prefabricated, flexible modular units that can be adapted to each tenant’s requirements. Arranged around the main arcade, their formation creates small intimate streets, like that of a traditional african souk. The area is sheltered by a series of solar panels, that power the stalls during the day and act as a shading space from the heat of the sun.”

“The urban farm features a customized ‘aquaponic’ system that provides fresh greens and tilapia fish for the restaurant. Located inside, an aquaponic green wall doubles as a visual feature, complete with plant enhancing LEDs. The ground floor is designed as an extension of the market, and is divided into three zones – food preparation (butchery and fish monger), cooking (a grill counter and a bakery) and dining area. A performance stage on the first floor is a focal point for the surrounding dining space.”