Original Unverpackt: the supermarket without packaging | The new generation of retailing.

“The Original Unverpackt from Berlin came from the idea of friends Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf. Frustrated for excess packaging and waste that saw in the retail food industry, the girls decided to get down to work and launched a campaign in the Crowdfunding site Startnext to collect donations of money to materialize the idea.”

After securing a position in the German cultural and business sector being a finalist and even winners in various competitions of ideas, a crowdfunding campaign has achieved the goal that chased this group of women: “bring supermarkets without disposable packaging to mainland Germany.” And the success of the campaign exceeded expectations, being two supermarkets without waste which they would open.

So from criticism to a reality whose numbers are impressive as the 2 million tons of waste generated in the planet every 5 minutes, the proposal is clear: a supermarket without packaging, all sold in bulk. “You will not find a host of brands for each product in that one when it’s right, that’s enough”

The first store without waste, Wiener Straße 16 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, is underway since September 13 and has been a great success. Thanks to the spread of the initiative, are receiving many visits from multiple locations attending Original Unverpackt to know the initiative and support it with small purchases.

But as well say the authors and directors of the initiative, “however, this is only the beginning of the end of the madness of packing.”

Environmental awareness invade Berlin and this business model is a clear example. Their strategy involves market and multiply your franchise outlets across the globe under the culture of ‘zero waste’.

(via upsocl.com)