Super-healthy troop | Superheroes to encourage children’s health

“To help families and children-parents to confront the enemies of child health such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle or the virus”, the Spanish Agency of Pediatrics (AEP) has created “The super-healthy troops”. A series of comics, videos and multimedia material awareness to children about how to stay healthy.

Super-healthy Troop is a set of children fighting in the stories against “Mr. Armchair (sedentarism), that traps children from television screens and video games, Mr. Glotonetix (obesity) that steals breakfast, or against the virus army commanded by Mr. and Ms. Measles Mumps. “

The strategy is given by the same acronym (in Spanish) of the agency that promotes this action, AEP: Food, Exercise and Prevention.

The development of the “super powers” are given for education in these matters to children and, incidentally, to the parents. The one hand basic recommendations are given in terms of food in order to maintain a balanced diet, also give basic information provided to encourage physical activity, and finally encourage children to maintain good personal hygiene and follow the vaccination schedule .