Sustainability as a children’s fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a king, in his castle. He lived in a beautiful world with high mountains, great seas and marvellous animals. He thought he was a good king but he didn’t really care about his kingdom.  He just wanted to be rich and lead a wealthy lifestyle.  To make the things he wanted he built great factories and to travel faster he built roads, railways and airports. This needed a lot of energy so the king drove deeper and deeper for oil and built more and bigger power stations. He thought that things had never been better. But, gradually, his kingdom began to suffer. Large forests were felled, huge areas became like deserts and even the climate itself began to change. He thought that he could control everything but, slowly, the king realised that he must be kind to his beautiful world or it would be damaged forever. He came to understand that he served his kingdom as much as it served him. So, he made energy from the force of the wind. Power of water and even the heat of the sun. He tried to save energy and think of the future, not just the present. And he, and his sons and daughters hoped that this would be enough. So did the kingdom recover and does our story end happily ever after?  No one knows yet because you and I  are still part of it.”(resorce: Youtube)


(via Youtube)