TED Talk | The importance of public space: how it make work to cities | Amanda Burden

After a life dedicated to the enhancement of the importance of public space in the city, its analysis and even promotion, Amanda Burden was appointed Commissioner of City Planning in New York. No easy task in a city in constant growth despite its high density and has always grown under commercial interests.

His most important challenges were to approach the population growth of 1 million people by redistributing residential density around the axes of public transport; reconditioning disused spaces by creating urban parks such as the now existing in Brooklin Bay; and the recovery of the old railway abandoned in height reconvertiendolo in a magnificent park instead of demolition: the High Line.

All due regard to the detailed design for the citizen. Away from mercantilist pressures, Amanda Burden argues that “the city has to think long term, penser in the common good”, that “public spaces have power” and that “turn a park into a place where people want to be depends that is not designed as an urban planner, but as a citizen. “