The Alicante roller shutter, unrolls again

The Alicante shutters is part of our urban collective imagination. These wooden slat blinds have been in multiple windows and doors of houses that have seen every day, usually in historic buildings, are a response to climatic needs of the Mediterranean climate.

The design of these is the result of refined development, granted its permanence over the years: every detail is made on whether to allow the passage of the sun, prevent the entry of water into the house and to be rolled easily. The aiming disappearance has been suffering this blind for stylistic reasons, has made that this qualities covered historically, have been filled with other less suitable materials and ineffective.

However, in 2010 arises from an urban competition in Barcelona an initiative that adds value to this valuable parasol, even to commercialize it in this 2014:

“The idea was simple: replace plastic unfortunate balconies, in Malnom and Picalquers Raval streets, and put in place, traditional shutters of rope while at the same time also protect them of the water. Comfort and ventilation of housing would be recovered, and with them, the appearance of the facades.

From a simple idea to a location and specific problem, a product is born as a final goal, aims to solve an urban problem that extends beyond the scope of Barcelona’s Raval. “the authors say.

“Moreover, in the vintage era, blinds cords can fit into existing interiors and also claim to be an artisan and sustainable product. Now, to turn them into an attractive and modern elements, needed to rethink the product. “

“And with a very cool look: the new color pallet of Persiana Barcelona is inspired by famous modernist facades of Barcelona.

In order to give visibility to the project, architects recently organized a temporary showroom in Vinçon – Passeig de Gracia, the heart of the masterpieces that inspired the palette.

And another feature that the property is located in the home of Ramon Casas i Carbó, who in his youth created four works centered in the garden of his then home, which, of course, had shutters. “

The website of Persiana Barcelona, the blinds are already on sale. A “commitment to craftsmanship and the value of work on hand, to rethink the blind of rope as a sustainable product that is attractive, contemporary and modern.”