Under the viaduct | Marginal urban environment’s revitalization | Renzo Piano and G124

“A group of six young architects under the leadership of Renzo Piano have been hard at work transforming unused spaces within Italy’s suburban framework. The team, known as G124, focuses its efforts on injecting life back into overlooked and forgotten areas of its built environment and stimulating the local economy through design. This most recently entailed transforming a long abandoned area under a viaduct in northeast Rome into a bustling cultural hot-spot.

The project, aptly named “Under the Viaduct,” uses recycled materials to create an inviting community space. Shipping containers host the area’s organized events, providing multiple spaces for workshops for local residents to attend.”

Renzo Piano and this group of young people, after a long process of analysis abandon areas they have proposed in revitalizing this environment a series of cultural activities managed through a process of public participation. A project by and for the neighbors.

via plataformaurbana.cl