Venice gentrification | Economic market dictatorship

The shocking images of giant cruises on the historic Venetian facades document a reality that we do not consider when visiting the city. Who lives in Venice and how they live? The documentary “The Venice syndrome” tells us a reality that is common in many cities: economic power preempts urban social needs, a process where the mass of tourists takes precedence over everyday life;  the Venice gentrification.

“58,000 people currently live in Venice, a similar amount to which lived in the Italian city after the great plague of 1438. This figure decreases each year due to mass tourism. An exodus of true Venetians, fleeing masses visitors arriving every day and they are destroying the city of canals. Before ending Venice will kill its citizens and their customs, and endangered.

A problem that analyzes “The Venice syndrome”, winner of Best Documentary at the Urbanfestivaltv which took place this week in “La casa encendida”. A film that explores how uncontrolled tourism is leading to Venice to become a Disneyland version, as criticizing his producer Valerio B. Moser. “

The pressure of lobbies

The producer of The Venice syndrome admits that political inaction is condemning to death the city, ending turned into an outdoor museum if nobody avoided, but believes that one of the main problems is the pressure lobbies exercise in public office.

Another problem which has led to mass tourism is property speculation. The price of housing in Venice has reached figures that very few people can afford. The documentary gives an outrageous price: 12,000 euros per square meter. For comparison, a house in the center of Madrid is priced at 3,650 euros per square meter.

Moreover, the government does not put measures in this speculation, allowing the market to regulate itself. This has contributed to the exodus of its inhabitants, because if they have a house bought them moving to other parts of Italy, especially young people, who as stated in the documentary “have no future; or glass figurines sold in the square or leave.” O live from tourism or escape. There is another option for a city that receives more day cruises to New York.”